is this what leaving feels like

by Cold Sober

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goaliebob cause i guess i like a dumb keyboardist from a dumb town.. its quirky.. and there is potential Favorite track: denim jacket.
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here's a collection of live demos I wrote between january-august of this year, some with my friend alanis and some without


released August 31, 2015

thanks to alanis for some sweet guitar tunes!
these are all demos recorded live on my iphone



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Cold Sober Ocala, Florida


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Track Name: museum of you
you are a canvas dressed in blue and red
and you're bleeding through

there isn't much you could've done
when you were coming undone

and I start to see you in all of my favorite colors
so I close my eyes in hopes to dream in black and white
Track Name: scratched lens
I've been trying to motivate myself
"get out of bed in the morning"
but it's something else, it's so damn hard to do
it's so hard to get through you

I don't know why I'm so controlling of my own emotions

there is a wall that you built around yourself
caught in the mirror and find somebody else
it's like I'm nothing compared to the image of who you used to


we didn't do anyhting the right way
it always ended up wrong
and I can't do anything the right way
I'm always so wrong

it's funny because your jokes mock
everything I ever say anymore
and you impersonate me with all the sad things
you tell yourself late at night

I can't believe I let you do this to me,
not once, not twice, but three times in a row
and I know that I'm not anything more than an image of
someone you used to love

you used to love
you used to love


so here I'm sitting alone in my room
thinking about the things I said that didn't really add up
and now I'm trying to live with the doubt
of surrounding myself with something, something

I'm lonely and it's because of you
so I'm not the only one you think about
and that's fine

but I don't want to ever be the image of someone
you used to love

Track Name: long island was nice
I want to kiss you in the morning
I want to sing you to sleep
I want to dream of you at my side
and wake up knowing you'll be

well, who are you
and who am I

I really and I don't know why

who are you
and who am I

I really like you and I think I know why
Track Name: long island wasn't for me
it's time I found I something else to think about
I can't look at myself without seeing you
it's time I brushed you off
it's time that I let you go
I guess everyone deals with heart break in their own way
I dealt with mine by ignoring the pain
everyone deals with heart break their own way
but your heart didn't break
Track Name: denim jacket
denim jacket
from your local goodwill
I can't get this scent off of you
I am so tired now
I can't stop staring at your mouth

denim jacket
you left at my house

where'd you go
when the night started to get cold?
where'd I go?
you left me with your jacket

you don't look at me
the same way I look at you
but I'll stay
as long as your jacket stays blue
Track Name: it feels like vulnerability
maybe I've been thinking about this all wrong
maybe it's good that there's this distance

sometimes I forget how good you look in the sun
on a warm day, underneath the shade

stood behind me like a house of cards
I was afraid to blow down
it was fragile
it never worked out and that's okay

but sometimes I would just like to hold you
like I did on the 8th of feburary
it's obviously somehting I think about often

maybe you will go away
and things, well they will always change
but you're still a part of something bigger than us all
because you're a big part of it all

I am in love with you
and I haven't said a word of it yet
but still, bring it back to where were
you're 13 hours away instead of 3

and it'll start snowing
and you'll start breathing

and you'll get colder
and I'll still be this warm

and you'll get colder
and I won't be there to help you through the winter
and maybe that's a good thing

go live your life without me