Clean Cut Demo

by Cold Sober

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released January 3, 2015

each track is recorded on my iphone 5c
keyboard used: casiotone 405, electric piano manipulated preset

huge thanks to Evan Taber for letting me use his picture for the cover of this demo (tumblr: woahev)



all rights reserved


Cold Sober Ocala, Florida


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Track Name: blue french horn
what a weird time to be alive
i tell myself that it's okay to be wrong sometimes

let's face it,
i'm not good at responsibility
i'm not really good at much of anything,
but i'll try to think of words to say when you're down

what a weird time to say that you care that i'm gone
cause i remember when i left you said you'd knew it all along

let's face it,
you're not good at showing affection,
you're not really good with directions,
but you'll try to make up for it with words like "i miss you"
Track Name: emma stone
every time you'd say something out loud,
i'd copy it down
touch my skin like it is new again,
find myself wrapped up in you again

i had so many split ends when i wrote this,
but you didn't mind
i probably looked fine

and i had to accept that you could never be mine
even though i wanted you more than anything
Track Name: middle track
call me when you're getting home,
i wanna feel your hands move down my throat.
and we both know
that my friends are all hung up on my wall
and they're starting to fade
just like i'm staring to feel okay with it all
Track Name: montour falls
i don't know why i'm so sad all the time,
my feet have worn out from sitting,
and i think my eyes are turning black

i can't see anything from where i hide myself at night,
i get so lost in who i wanna be that i throw away the rest of me

please don't forget me,
i don't wanna be temporary,
please just remember,
that i'm nothing i claim to be

i'm broken and i'm tired and i want to go home
i'm broken and i'm tired of being alone